Part curator, part caretaker, part keeper of keys, Insomnius lurks in the shadows of the lair bearing his name. Visitors catch glimpses of the sleep-starved artist now and then –– at work on a new piece for the collection, mopping up messes, restocking vending machines, or maybe tweaking the angles at which the artworks hang –– leaving clues about a past that keeps him up at night and fuels a ceaseless compulsion to depict a future he fears. His chronic exhaustion threatens his grasp on reality but also kindles an invitation to question it. Hungry for dreams, fellow travelers heeding his call drop by in the watery hours before dawn to feed. As their eyes chew and swallow his art, they dilute our hero’s impending psychosis just enough to keep his hamster wheel in true.

Born into a family of app developers, Insomnius and his brother were raised largely by algorithms. Alienated from their parents as teens, both boys withdrew into worlds of their own. His brother coped by developing an abusive relationship with his smart speaker. Insomnius became an introspective loner who attracted the attention of bullies.


As an adult, Insomnius spends his waking hours –– which are most hours –– at work on post-apocalyptic wastelands populated with cross-sections of phantasmagoric creatures pregnant with fetuses made of metal and clouds.

Unbeknownst to Insomnius, his troubled past conceals a latent gift, the remarkable power to create digital images that become realities. His art delves into the minds of political leaders, bending their decisions and driving history in new directions.

But every gift carries its price. As Insomnius wades deeper into the thoughts of Earth’s powerbrokers, he becomes a hunted enigma, his life now a high-stakes race to wield his change-making power and elude those who seek to extinguish his influence.

Amidst this maelstrom, Insomnius finds kindred spirits among fellow artists. United, they form a clandestine alliance committed to harnessing their talents to alter the political landscape.

On the heels of this success, Insomnius discovers the family he had yearned to connect with as a teen is now creating AI tools to exploit their son’s power, harnessing it to undermine his strides toward a more just world.

Our hero’s journey mirrors the brand's essence—resilience, transformation, and the spark of change that resides within. In a world where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, Insomnius emerges as a catalyst for change and a testament that even in the darkest hours, the power to reshape destinies resides within us all.

An odyssey to confront his own self-doubt and his family's mistakes, the chronicle of Insomnius weaves and narratives of power creativity, and the unwavering human spirit.

the Mission